Monica Bellucci Nude - Malena (2000)

Monica Bellucci, known for her role in The Matrix: Reloaded, is seen in various scenes that showcase her beauty. In one instance, she is wearing a black dress, revealing some stunning cleavage while sewing. As she stands up and walks towards a record player, her right breast accidentally becomes exposed. Throughout the video, we catch glimpses of Monica's cleavage as she moves around, until she finally undresses upstairs, revealing her naked silhouette. Another scene shows Monica having her bra removed by a man, leaving her completely nude, allowing us to admire her breasts and bush. There is also a quick clip of Monica bending down, causing her dress to disappear and giving us a view of her bare ass. In a series of black and white fantasy sequences, Monica spins around, tearing open her shirt to expose her breasts, sits in bed as a guy removes her shirt, and is then held topless in a guy's arms. In a somewhat intense scene, Monica is carried into the street with her pants pulled down, revealing her bush, and is attacked by a group of women as her breasts come out of her shirt. Later, her breasts are shown again as they cut her hair while she sits on the street. Please be aware that this scene contains some blood.

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