Maggie Gyllenhaal Nude - Strip Search (2004)

Maggie Gyllenhaal, known for her role in The Dark Knight, has a scene where a guy opens her shirt to reveal a bra underneath. He then forces her to strip, starting with removing the bra and holding her breasts with her hands. She proceeds to take off her skirt, revealing red panties. Maggie then bends over to remove the panties, showing her bare butt. Eventually, she stands completely naked, displaying full-frontal nudity with her breasts and bush in view as she drops her hands by her side. In another scene, Maggie is seen standing nude in an interrogation room, with bare breasts, as a guy questions her. He shines a light into her open mouth and flicks her nipples with his fingers. There is also a moment where Maggie shows full-frontal nudity, with her breasts bouncing slightly, as she stands naked in front of an interrogator and later sits down on a stool. Additionally, there is a scene where Maggie sits bottomless on a stool, briefly revealing her butt, while a guy talks to her. She wears a torn-open shirt that exposes her cleavage and part of her right nipple. Another scene shows Maggie sitting on a stool in a torn-open blue shirt that doesn't fully cover her breasts, as a guy yells at her to stand up. She walks bottomless to a wall, spreading her hands against it, revealing her bush and bare buns. The guy then runs his hands down her body, squeezing her breasts as he moves downward. Furthermore, there is a scene where Maggie is fully nude in an empty interrogation room. She stands by the wall and begins to trash the place, knocking over tables and chairs while completely naked. Her bare breasts, buns, and bush are visible as she causes chaos. Lastly, there is a scene where Maggie sits on a stool, talking to an interrogator. She holds her shirt closed with one hand and is not wearing any bottoms, allowing a glimpse of her bush at the bottom of the frame.

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